has the well run dry?

The rational aspect of my lifelong curiosity has brought me to really knowing and understanding very little, and so to faith!…mixed with equal parts love and hope. Occasionally in me I’m aware of the endless warm flow that is the relationship between the three. This experience is not something I can conjure up. Its an undeserved gift, given when and for as long as I’m blessed to receive it. I believe this is a glimpse of what connects us all, all of creation, without which this rational journey would not have begun.

In an empty church, with the chairs neatly lined up in anticipation, I wonder about those who will gather there. Some form of faith brings them. Unsure, afraid, wanting reassurance, most of us spend years chasing our tails, seeking some form of solace.
I am encouraged these days to seek a more contemplative life. The rational chatter continues unabated, but slowly I’m learning to let it go, pay it no mind, and rest in an ever deeper part of myself.