merci Fecamp

This is a sort of ‘beyond the yardarm’ moment through the window of where I’ve been staying in Fecamp for the last week. I’m going to miss it.
A little harbour town on the Normandy coast with its own unique flavour and history. Once a busy fishing port, and home to some talented boatbuilders, its local economy now relies on tourism and summer holidaymakers.

From walking around some, singing in the street on Saturday morning, going to a couple of cafes, and food shopping most days, who’s to say how I accurately I have gauged the mood?  I get a taste of sadness common in many Northern European seaside towns that have outlived their original purpose. But like in many of them, there is also a resilient spirit and quiet wisdom….and plenty of laughter!

Being by the sea is its own reward.

Twice as a child we lived right by the sea, once in Broadstairs, Kent, and once in Gordon’s Bay, South Africa. Then at the time my daughter Ruby was born, in the early 90s, we lived for 3 years a couple of miles from the Devon coast. Now I’d like to be right by the sea again.
My new plan is to find some kind of home, near the sea somewhere. For now, I’ve got a nice rhythm at which my daily life unfolds. And it likes unfolding by the sea!

Tomorrow I leave for Belgium. I may well have yet another new plan next week, but I’m not abandoning this one.